Wedding albums and books.


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Our album is like a story made with captured moments, the pictures to my fairytale. Who needs words! Natasha & James

“Hi Steve, just wanted to say a huge thank you for our album. It was worth every penny to get your producers collection. We were so happy with your service and you captured our day perfectly. Thank you again Josh n Kirsty ”
“Hi Steve We’ve just received our wedding album and wanted to send you a huge thank you; we love it! Its beautifully designed, the quality is superb and there are some fantastic shots in there. Thanks, you did a great job. Best wishes Nicky and Steve”


I have chosen the albums & books to offer you very carefully. All are very high quality from the best suppliers, and should cover all tastes; from discreet hardback books that live on your bookshelf and take up no space,or modern story albums with clean uncluttered layouts , to the gorgeous, tactile art book, with images printed onto museum grade fine art paper and the luxury, hand bound  matted album, which will be a timeless classic heirloom.

These are offered within a choice of two Collections, the Keepsake Collection and the Heirloom Collection.

The main differences between the 2 collections are:

  • You do the work of selecting your images in the Keepsake Collection; I do the work of selecting the images in the Heirloom Collection.
  • You have control in the Keepsake Collection, but if you want more images than are included in your album, you pay extra.
  • You give up control of image selection in the Heirloom Collection, which saves your time and effort and possibly a lot of angst. In return you get far more images in a bigger album. Most importantly, the album flows and hangs together much better as I am choosing the images that tell the story and work well together.
  • Of course this means you have to trust my judgement, think in terms of the directors cut, or consider the fact that if you hired a videographer, you wouldn’t dream of sitting through the rushes, but would just wait for the final cut. Well, this is my final cut.
  • Price, the Heirloom Collection costs more than the Keepsake Collection in the headline price. BUT, I think its value for money is huge, even if you just consider it on a picture by picture basis. If you chose a similar number of images and upgraded to the large album in the Keepsake Collection, it would cost more.


The Albums

The hard back book is real photographic paper bound into a book form, with thinner flexible pages, designed to live alongside your other volumes on the bookshelf.

The Story album has your photographic images flush mounted onto board and book bound into an album, producing a larger more substantial product with thicker semi rigid pages.

The Art album is similar to the storybook but uses fine art museum grade slightly textured fine art paper instead of photographic paper giving a very different feel. Typically it is designed using less images over the pages than the story book.

The Designer Album is a timeless classic twist on the traditional matted album, giving it a clean fresh and sophisticated look.

All albums come with your choice of linen or eco leather covers in a wide selection of colours, with options for premium leather and acrylic image covers.

Keepsake albums are 12×9 inches. Heirloom albums are 14×10 inches. Hardback books are 8×8 and 12×12.


There are a selection of different album designs from the various collections for you to look at below.

Keepsake Story Album 12×9

A Keepsake 12x9 storybook album with acrylic image cover, standard coverage from preps to sit down at The Inn on the Lak ...
January 18, 2016

Heirloom Art Album 14×10

This album had a spruce green leather cover, which was beautiful. A small Wasdale wedding of around 15 people, with a ce ...
January 18, 2016