As you have probably noticed by now, pricing for wedding photography comes in a bewildering array of price points and product choices. You have to remember that at the end of the day, the photography is the important component, not the product. You are paying primarily for the time, skill, vision and experience of your photographer. The albums are to showcase and preserve the images your photographer created for you.

I am obviously biased, but it would seem to me that one would get far better value for money by paying a bit more for a smaller package from a good photographer, than a bit less for a larger package from a poor one?

I have tried to keep my pricing simple, and structured, to provide something that fits most budgets and price points. It is designed to allow you to book now,( well, once you have the price list!) and leave the actual final choice of coverage, package etc until a later date, usually after a visit to my Keswick studio to see the options in the flesh; although many clients do this via facetime or skype. This choice can be left right up until the final balance is due, 45 days before your wedding date.

The choice is based around 3 collections; digital files only, album packages where you choose your images, or album packages where I choose for you. You can see examples of these in my wedding albums page.

Visit the contact page and use the enquiry form and I will send you the full price list and information. The prices range from £795 to £2300, depending on coverage and album required and the date of the wedding.  Due to demand, a Saturday in July will always be dearer than a Wednesday in January.