I had the pleasure of photographing Angela and Simon’s wedding at Augill Castle the other month, which was great fun.

The couple were up for our contemporary photoshoot, even tho it was freezing, and actually started snowing on the bride at one point!

This is a very important job indeed when a bride is getting ready in the morning!

reportage wedding photograph, bridesmaid opening champagne

Angela’s daughter enjoyed being a princess for the day.

getting ready for the wedding at augill castle in cumbria

Not too sure what was said during the ceremony here, but it obviously amused the couple!

reportage photography of wedding ceremony at augill castle

after the ceremony, we got our photo shoot, and both Angela and Simon turned out to be naturals!

grooms photograph on his wedding day

the bride on her wedding day at augill castle

They had to take cover during the sudden snow shower.

wedding photograph at augill castle, cumbria

Then we quickly shot some more portraits before Angela completely froze to death.

wedding couple kissing photograph at augill castle, cumbria

wedding couple photography, cumbria

bride at augill castle on her wedding day.

including the couples daughter Olivia who popped out for some quick portraits too.

bridesmaid at augill castle

Back inside the bride gets a warming drink and a hug from dad.bride and father, reportage wedding photograph.

bride in augill castle cumbria

It was a great wedding in a great location and everyone looked like they had a thoroughly good time.

We are just waiting for Angela and Simon’s designer book to come back to us from Oz and Im pretty certain they will love it.

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