Same sex, lgbt, gay, pink…so many words to describe a wedding. 

And at the end of the day, it is exactly that, a wedding. Two people in love making a commitment to each other to spend the rest of their life together, face life together, enjoy life together, overcome life’s challenges together.

I am a gay friendly photographer, which is a ridiculous way of saying I am not a bigoted homophobe. And it’s sad that I have to even say it, in print. To reassure the couples who consider me as their wedding photographer that I will actually be happy to work for them and do my job as best I can for them, just like I do everyone else.

It’s even sadder that it has only been a relatively short while that LGBT couples can even get married! How bloody ridiculous is that?

Love is love, and two adults happily prepared to commit to each other is something to be celebrated, regardless of their gender, sexual persuasion or biological makeup .

So lets celebrate 🙂 You two get married and I will observe and record it beautifully for you, creating the story of your day and lifelong memories.

Check out my wedding photography portfolios here and some of my previous same sex weddings below.

Morag & Tess at Coniston Copper Mines

Mark & Michael,  London & The River Thames

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