LODORE FALLS HOTEL | WEDDING story of Aimee & Phil

How did you both meet?

At work. We worked together for 18 months or so before finally speaking to each other!

Tell us about the proposal

We went for a weekend away in Edinburgh for our 2 year anniversary. We went for a meal on the 2nd night, followed by Phil suggesting that we go up to Edinburgh Castle to take some photos. It was there that Phil got down on one knee in front of the castle gates and produced a beautiful ring (unfortunately it was a little small so had to initially be worn on my little finger)!

Why a lake district wedding?

It was one of the first places we thought of simply because of its beautiful scenery. We wanted to chose somewhere a little further from home to make it that much more special and the lakes just seemed the perfect choice!

Tell us about your wedding venue and why you chose the Lodore Hotel?

It was the Lodore Falls Hotel in Keswick and it was the first venue that we went to look at. We immediately loved the atmosphere and feel of the hotel and the setting. We only looked at one other venue, however, we were both already convinced that we had found the perfect venue for us. The hotel had great facilities, along with the falls, lakeside access, lovely gardens and the possibility to have an outdoor wedding.

What was the colour scheme or wedding theme

We didnt have a theme but our chosen colour scheme was navy blue and ivory.

Tell us about your dress

It was a Maggie Sottero dress, champagne lace with a cut out back. It was the first dress I tried on in the first shop I visited. Everyone said that when you find ‘the dress’ you know straight away and they were definitely right!

Did you have ‘something old, somthing new, something borrowed, something blue?’

My something old was a vintage hair comb, something new was my gorgeous garter that my maid of honour made for me, something blue was the polish on my toes. I didn’t have anything borrowed. (Unless you can count the hundreds of grips holding my hair together courtesy of my hairdresser!)

Which was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?

Aimee – a black and white one of all ‘the boys’ at the bar before the ceremony. It is so casual and relaxed and everyone just looks so happy.Phil – one taken during my speech that has me speaking in the background and Aimee laughing/crying in the foreground. I like this photo because it is a natural moment and captures Aimee’s reaction that I wouldn’t have been able to fully see or take note of at the time.

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information?

Information mostly came from various magazines, however, the ideas were my own as I knew what I wanted!

Do you have any advice for future brides?

Take as much time as you can planning the wedding. Rushing is stressful and brides dont need additional stress! Also write lists for everything, you can never have too many! Lastly try to remain calm at all times, this will help you enjoy every part of your wedding, from starting to plan it right up to the big day.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It is too hard to choose one specific part, as the whole day was perfect and exactly how we hoped it turn out…..so sorry, this question is too tough to answer!!!!

Was steve from Derwent Photography the right wedding photographer for you?

We can honestly say that Steve was the ideal photographer for us and our wedding, this is proven by the photos! His knowledge of the location was brilliant and we have a wide variety of different types of photo. The photos taken tell the story of our wedding from the start and throughout. It was so easy to relax during the day and many of the photographs during the day capture natural moments, most of the time we didn’t even notice that Steve was there and felt that we could just enjoy the day with no pressure.






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