Well, its been a long and exciting project, and is now rapidly coming together.

Moving mountains for MS is the name of the fine art calendar we have been shooting for the past year and will be launched at the preview night for the touring exhibition of the images at The Treeby and Bolton Gallery in Keswick on tue 7th september, from 7pm till 9pm.

You are welcome to join us and the calendar girls there to celebrate the launch.

Friday night saw us getting our group shot  in the pouring rain…well done to a bunch of very tough and  brave ladies  ranging in age from 30 to 70.

We have created an art nude calendar based in the lake district using  models who have Multiple Sclerosis and the family and friends of MS sufferers.

lake district calendar girls art nude photography

The project was the brainchild of  Sue Hope, whose daughter woke up one morning blind, the first indication they had that she had contracted MS.  Luckily her sight returned after a few weeks, but the disease brings a whole host of other conditions and side effects.

The calendar features the ladies in various locations of the lake district, in all seasons of the year. I knew that the original calendar girls idea had been copied ad nauseum so wanted a different twist;  I decided on  a fine art nude project.  I didn’t want the images to be titillating or “benny hillesque”,  I wanted them to reflect the beauty and resilience of normal everyday women, in sympathy with the hills,  stone, water and woods that they live amongst.

The girls have been brilliant, and I would like to give them a public thank you for their patience and courage in some of the poses and locations I have put them through.