CHURCH & GLARAMARA | WEDDING story of Nicola & Gerard

How did you both meet?

We met at a sixth form opening evening, Gerard was making smelling salts in the chemistry laboratory as one of the demonstrations. He was very geeky only 16 and my dad kept asking if he could drink the alcohol which made Gerard very nervous and panic but made me laugh. I was 15 my sister attended Gerard’s sixth form and was his friend so after that meeting we met again and as they say the rest is history. 

Tell us about the proposal?

14 years after that first meeting we were lucky enough to go to Yosemite, we had been camping in the valley and climbing but this day we climbed half dome. It was the best climb, hard, as friction isn’t our forte and it was super hot. So my hands were really fat with dehydration, unbeknown to me Gerard had brought the ring to the top as he was going to propose on the summit but, he feared it wouldn’t go on my hands so he kept it. We got down and  went for a meal in the only restaurant in the valley. Due to dehydration and fatigue we pushed the food around our plate too tired to eat. I was determined to go to bed but, Gerard was determined to have one last drink as we were leaving the next day, under the stars in the most beautiful valley he said he had a gift for me. He brought out the box and I cried, I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock I didn’t look at the ring for at least half an hour. 

Why a lake district wedding? and what made you choose your venue?

We spend every weekend we can in the lakes climbing and walking and so there was no other choice. We go to our lady of the lake church whenever we are up there and so there was no decision to be made. If our jobs enabled us we would live there tomorrow. Whilst looking for a venue to hold teepee (the original idea) we contacted Glaramara who said they would be happy to accommodate a teepee however, when we got there and saw the location, back drop and met the staff we decided to forgo the tepees and have the reception there. Best decision we made.

What was your colour scheme or wedding theme?

I picked the bridesmaids dresses in a dark plum aubergine colour and that was incorporated in the decorations, flower girl dresses and the Lilly’s for the flowers. We then added a lot of rustic country chic with burlap and glass jars which I decorated with different things. Obviously being in December I included holly and Christmas tree branches and the venue had a very minimalist decoration for Christmas and it just fitted in perfectly.  

Tell us about your dress?

Not being a girly girl I didn’t want any sparkle just a simple lace tulle gown. The dress I chose was only the second dress I tried on, it turned out to be a dropped waist a line dress with an illusion neckline. The illusion back had the lace all down it and gave it such a dramatic effect. I felt like a princess a tiny bit of sparkle was added at the end with the full length veil having just a few crystals that caught the light subtly.  

Did you have ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

My mum had her garter which was blue, so it was perfect for the old borrowed and blue. I didn’t actually get to put it on in the end as it was a bit of a rush to get out for the church on time. I did however have new Tiffany earrings brought by Gerard  and a friend had given me a sixpence to go in my left shoe, to bring us wealth.

What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?

I loved the pictures in the church seeing how nervous Gerard looked before hand and the two of us together were so special. The odd natural photo with my mum, dad, sisters and nieces and Colin the dog were fabulous. But, our favourites had to be the ones taken at the honister pass were just brilliant and exactly what made us know we wanted Steve to be our photographer.   

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information?

I always had an idea of what I liked and what I thought would work for us as we didn’t want it to be over the top or too expensive so I chose to make all the decorations bridesmaids and flower girl bouquets, centrepieces, wedding stationary etc myself. I found lot of inspiration from Pinterest, just incorporating a few ideas and making them fit with what I wanted to achieve. The best example was the cake which had Nicola and Gerard written all over it and my sister did an amazing job at making it all by herself, you wouldn’t believe she wasn’t a professional cake maker! 

Tell us about a supplier who provided a first-class service.

Evergreens florist in Keswick were chosen to make my bouquet button holes and church pew ends and they provided all the flowers for me to make the centrepieces and decorate the venue with. Deborah couldn’t have been more helpful she got my vision and knew exactly what would and wouldn’t work. When the flowers arrived at the venue for centrepieces etc Deborah had added in some extra pieces which tied in with my bouquet, this made it so special and I can’t thank her enough. I couldn’t not mention the Glaramara staff, especially Kevin who was so accommodating and considerate. We couldn’t have chosen a better venue. Anna sorbie who did our hair did an amazing job, another local supplier in Kendal. Our band were a group we had seen a couple of times in Liverpool and they learnt new songs and gave our first dance a great vibe. Heredeen and black amazing, thank you guys! 

Do you have any advice for future brides?

It’s been said before but, don’t let people try and tell you what you can do and who you can invite, it’s your day do it your way! Don’t forget to enjoy it as it goes too fast and don’t sweat the small stuff no one will even notice. 

What was the best part of your wedding day?

I loved the build up making everything myself meant a lot of invested time but it made the day. Seeing our family having a great time in the place we love was a real treat but, finally being Gerard’s wife after 16 years was the best part of the day. 

Was Steve of Derwent Photography the right photographer for you?

 Absolutely, I knew as soon as I spoke to him about wanting to take some pictures in the mountains and he checked the time of sunset with the ceremony time and said it would be possible, that was it he was the one. This was reinforced when we visited Steve in his studio and I saw how he shot and it was exactly how I shoot, I knew it was meant to be.He wasn’t phased by us not wanting traditional group shots etc and he just went with it doing a better job than I could have hoped for. Now we have amazing photos to treasure forever, plus he was totally onboard  to shoot the dress in quite a quirky way, watch this space! 





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