ANOTHER PLACE | WEDDING story of Kate & Patrick

How did you both meet? 

 We met in the Snooty Fox pub in Canonbury (North London), introduced by mutual friends Gez and Jim (ushers at our wedding). Paddy ignored me for the first 10 minutes of being introduced as he was too busy texting him mum… Not exactly love at first sight!

Tell us about the proposal?

 It was incredible. We were in South Africa for our friends’ (Ross and Kerrin) wedding, and had a holiday on the back of it in Cape Town / wine region. I love horses – but particularly grey ones, as my childhood ponies were that colour. Paddy arranged for us to go horse riding on the beach – and for me to have a grey horse to ride (he only had one eye, but still, points for effort to Paddy!). On the way back from our ride, we stopped at Llandudno beach where Paddy has a picnic laid out in time to propose at sunset.

Why a lake district wedding?  

 I grew up in Dacre, so St Andrew’s Church in Dacre was always the obvious choice. Paddy’s family have been up to the Lake District for numerous family holidays, so it has a place in their hearts too. And it’s stunning.

Tell us about your wedding venue and why you chose that location?

 We wanted the venue for the reception to be close to Ullswater, so it was an easy journey from Dacre church, but also so we could take our guests for a trip on Ullswater Steamers. Another Place was perfect – it has stunning grounds on the lake front (space for tipis!) – and is a lovely relaxed country hotel.

What was your colour scheme or wedding theme?

We didn’t really have a colour scheme – I think we just picked what we liked, and hoped it would go! As the main reception was going to be in tipis, we wanted the wedding to be quite rustic / boho. The flowers were meant to look as though they could have just been picked from the fields rather than “arranged”, and I guess we went for pastel colours because they seemed a bit more natural.

Tell us about your dress?

My dress was from the amazing Carina Baverstock in Bradford-on-Avon, by the designer David Fielden. It has a separate silk, strappy under-dress (which I’m planning on dying and wearing as an evening gown – maybe for my 40th in lots of years time), and a beautiful, high-neck, scallop-edged lace overlay (not sure what I can do with that, but it’s beautiful, and what made me choose the dress!).

Did you have ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

Yes – my mum and bridesmaids put together a beautiful box for me to open on the morning of the wedding – it had an old horse shoe in (from the garden in our old house in Dacre) and and old sixpence (for luck), a new silk dressing gown (great to have that rather than my granny cardigan for the getting ready shots Steve took!), a borrowed, blue garter from my bridesmaid Jenna, and some blue nail varnish.

What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?

 This is such a tough question! I love the shots of my dad and I arriving at church, and the bridal party coming down the aisle – and of us looking at each other (laughing!) during the service, but what is really great is seeing pictures of our guests enjoying themselves. There is so much of your wedding that you don’t see on the day because you’re in other places – it’s lovely to see the photos of our guests having fun.

A favourite has to be of my ‘2nd dad’ Gerald Milburn carrying a tray of champagne on the Steamer. That, and the pictures of the flower-girls and pages boys, so photogenic – the ones of the flower girls with their little faces pressed against the window at the back of the bus is brilliant!


What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information? 

Google. Other people’s weddings. Each other.

Do you have any advice for future brides?

Relax and enjoy the day – don’t worry too much about your guests, they will be enjoying themselves – the day flies by, make sure your relax and enjoy it yourselves.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

 Getting to the church and seeing Paddy’s face at the other end of the aisle. And the speeches. But it was all great!

Was Steve of Derwent Photography the right photographer for you?

Steve was fantastic – we wanted a photographer that would capture the day, not stage lots of cheesy photos or take hours on group shots – and that is totally Steve’s style (I think it’s called reportage!).

He was really unobtrusive, and brilliant at getting the group shots we did want quickly and painlessly – he was amazing at remembering our (pretty large) families’ names – and the kids loved him!

Steve was also really handy for tips on the wedding morning – clearly been to a few weddings!




ANOTHER PLACE | WEDDING story of Kate & Patrick

How did you both meet?   We met in the Snooty Fox pub in Canonbury (North London), introduced by mutual friends Gez and Jim (ushers at our wedding). Paddy ignored me for the first 10 minutes of being introduced as he was too busy texting him mum... Not...

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