Ripley Castle near Harrogate was the venue for a wedding from a couple of weeks ago.

Interestingly (for us) we had photographed the wedding of Charlotte and Gareth,friends of the couple, at Armathwaite Hall near Keswick the previous year.

Anna had fallen in love with their album when she seen it, and booked us to cover her own wedding.

Its a nice change to get away from Cumbria and shoot somewhere else, and I will take 3or 4 weddings a year like this.

the best man delivers the rings at the wedding ceremony

The shot of the couple strolling on the lawn is from Charlotte and Gareths wedding last year showing Armathwaite Hall in the lake district.

wedding photograph at Armathwaite Hall Hotel, nr Keswick in the Lake District.

And the rather grand castle is Ripley Castle in Yorkshire, where Anna and Brendan got married a few weeks ago.

ripley castle, yorkshire

Anna is a no nonsense type of girl, and did not want a lot of fuss and kerfuffle over her photography,

The car driver coudn’t quite believe his luck when we told him there was no need to wait around for an hour just for a staged pic of the couple and their car! We had already got this shot of it as it was a stylish set of wheels.

wedding car at ripley castle yorkshire

groom during wedding ceremony

The rather pensive looking groom waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle is Brendan, of course she turned up so he was very happy 🙂

The signing of the register is,thankfully, the real deal and not some silly mock up to which we are routinely subjected too by the registrars. The daily mail published a ridiculous article a few weeks ago about banning this shot. Many registrars still do not allow photographers to shoot during the ceremony(but video guys are ok for some strange reason), even though the modern documentary trend is to record what happens, and we have the capability to do this without flashes firing off everywhere.

I must stress that these harrogate registrars are the exact opposite, professional, friendly and a joy to work with. They helped make a great ceremony. And of course allowed me to photograph it as it unfolded.

Note the low angle of shooting so that no detaisl can possibly be read in the register, and used for identity fraud or all sorts of other terrible deeds. Now how hard is that to do?

(by the way, these register entries can be viewed by anyonea t the public registers office, hardly a secret are they ) 🙂 Anyway, rant over, I’ll post more about this subject another time.

signing the marriage register at ripley castle, yorkshire

I’ll leave this post with some of the potraits of the couple I shot and a last image of that fantastic castle.

This wedding will be uploaded online when the couple have chosen their pics, Anna has already had a look but it’s only fair that Brendan gets to be here to help choose too.

portrait photograph of bride on her wedding day at ripley castle in yorkshire

wedding photograph of bride and groom at ripley castle, yorkshire

wedding photograph of wedding couple at ripley castle, yorkshire

wedding photograph of bridal couple and ripley castle, yorkshire.

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