I’ve been busy catching up with this blog, apologies to those who have been waiting eagerly for sneak peeks of their shoot.

One of the reasons was that I was away in Brighton taking part in the first ever documentary workshop of it’s kind in the uk;  My Vision. 20 delegates, all top documentary wedding and portrait photographers were split into 4 teams under a team leader, and we basically never saw the other teams again until the final night.

The brief was simple, 20 different assignments, 1 per delegate. Recieve your assignment on mon morning, and leave immediately to spend all day shooting it! No prior warning or knowledge allowed. return to the hotel that evening, meet in your team leaders suite where the images are downloaded and the rest of the night is spent in thorough critique of the whole process of shooting, by both team leader and team members. Food was  some kind of take away delivered to the room so as not to interrupt the flow.Finish in the early hours, (5am for some) then go back out and do it all again the next day. And then repeat the critique the next night, and if there are still holes in your story, you were sent back again wed morning 🙂  Luckily our team managed to escape this. Wednesday the teams had to edit down the images and select 30 for your final story. They were all shown for the first time that night during the group meal at Jamie Olivers, and they were simply fantastic.

It was a privilege to work,eat and sleep (not literally) with such talented photographers with a genuine passion for the craft of documentary photography. The one criteria of the workshop was to leave your ego behind, and just as well we did, cos it was one hell of a roller coaster of a journey.

The most remarkable thing of all is the whole thing was put together by volunteers, and charged at cost. We are all members of a unique invite only professional photographers forum, with a strict member number limit which operates as a massive support network and mutual self help group.

My assignment was   Choccywoccydoodah,  and it really stretched me. Although I could find images,  I was struggling for a story or a theme, and it wasn’t until the second day that it came to me. The final slideshows are embargoed, as the essence of the workshop is in the process, and not the final output…but here are a small  selection of images from the assignment.

documentary photographer in the lake district and cumbria