Sarah and Ian had their perfect winter Lodore Falls wedding on a crisp, bright day in mid-March.

My day started off with taking a few shots of the groom and his best man as they got themselves ready. Now, you might usually expect the groomsmen to be a bit calmer than the bride and her ladies but this is not always the case… Ian was jittery with excitement; he and his best man may have popped a wee dram of Glenfiddich in their hipflasks for a bit of ‘Dutch courage’ later. The boys then hopped in Ian’s beloved Spitfire for the journey to the hotel.

When I got to the bridal suite preparations were well underway. Sarah and her bridesmaids had already had their hair done by the brilliant Rosie from The Hair Shop, Keswick, and their make up done by the Lodore Falls own team. They looked gorgeous! The bouquets were lovely and provided by Evergreens, also of Keswick. A final Keswickian addition was Sarah’s absolutely stunning dress from Songbird Bridal.

The couple were married in the Oak Room of the hotel. This bright and airy room is fully panelled in traditional oak. Ian’s cousin played Sarah down the aisle on her violin… is was a charming, personal touch! The ceremony was really lovely, there were smiles and giggles all around and the couple practically glowed with happiness.

Following the ceremony the party headed outside for drinks, nibbles and congratulations. I then took the couple away for a private shoot against the beautiful ground of the lake and fells. The weather, although chilly, was perfect for atmospheric pictures that day and I’m very pleased with the photos we managed to get… Sarah and Ian were very good to work with.

We all headed back to the hotel for the sit down wedding breakfast and speeches, including a PowerPoint Presentation put together by the groomsmen, it was brilliant!

Sarah, Ian and I popped out again after the meal for a sunset shoot in the grounds.

When we got back, everyone had settled themselves in at the bar to await a long night of dancing!

Congratulations to Ian and Sarah on their marriage and also for creating a staggeringly good day for all of their family and friends, who will surely remember it for years to come.